For many years, I’ve always had little interest in seeing any of the “Saw” movies. This mostly stems from how I actually saw the third one a while ago and absolutely hated it. However, I had always heard the first one is the only one the franchise that is truly worth checking out, and admittedly, it’s a pretty good movie. The movie definitely has gross moments, but I feel it’s focused on the mystery and thriller element more than anything else. The movie is well known for being pretty low budget and it’s impressive how the filmmakers were able to tell an interesting story with minimal sets and actors. The movie does have some pretty cheesy dialogue at times and obviously shows some outrageous scenarios, but I will say it’s entertaining. The thrilling moments are efficiently handled and the twists and turns are genuinely surprising. I will say if you’ve seen scenes from the franchise or one of the many sequels, I would still give the first one a shot because it feels a lot different and works pretty effectively as a gruesome and engaging mystery thrill ride.

3.5/5 STARS

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