The Final Destination

The only people who will like the fourth installment of the “Final Destination” franchise are people who are die-hard fans. I am not one of those people. I found the first three movies to be decent guilty pleasure horror movies that can be fun at times. This one sticks to the formula which is fine, but also it just feels bland because of it. The movie has some moments that are thrilling and anxiety-inducing but for the most part I never really cared. This is due to a combination of bad acting, dialogue, and visual effects. I know this series isn’t particularly known for its acting, but this particular movie has the worst acting in the series to this point and as a result, the characters feel bland and uninteresting. The visual effects feel very fake a lot of the time, and it feels like the filmmakers just wanted to mess with 3D more than create actually visually shocking death scenes. This movie has moments that are entertaining and thankfully its not very long, so I wouldn’t say its completely awful, but it is definitely a low point for a franchise, that never was particularly great, to begin with.

2.5/5 STARS


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