21 & Over

“21 & Over” isn’t among the best raunchy party movies, but it is an okay one if you know what you’re getting into. This movie is dumb and ridiculous, but it seems to know it. It was actually pretty funny in its first act, but the comedy starts to become somewhat flat as the movie progresses. Nonetheless, I thought the premise of the movie was over the top and pretty entertaining. I also thought the movie had a pretty solid dramatic center about how friends can drift over time along with some other messages that have been done before, but it still was nice to see here. I thought the characters were enjoyable but at times they could be kind of dislikable. However, as a whole, the lead characters had decent chemistry and I was able to buy them as a friend group. It’s not a groundbreaking comedy or one that always makes a ton of logical sense, but there’s fun to be had with it.



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